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November 2, 2005
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Morgoth and Fingolfin 2 by aautio Morgoth and Fingolfin 2 by aautio
The Duel of Morgoth and Fingolfin

ĒThen Morgoth hurled aloft Grond, the Hammer of the Underworld, and swung it down like a bolt of thunder. But Fingolfin sprang aside, and Grond rent a mighty pit in the earth, whence smoke and fire darted. Many times Morgoth essayed to smite him, and each time Fingolfin leaped away, as a lightning shoots from under a dark cloud; and he wounded Morgoth with seven wounds, and seven times Morgoth gave a cry of anguish, whereat the hosts of Angband fell upon their faces in dismay, and the cries echoed in the Northlands.Ē

- J. R. R. Tolkien: The Silmarillion, chapter 18: Of the Ruin of Beleriand and the Fall of Fingolfin

This is the second incarnation of this Silmarillion illustration.. sepia tone with a brown paper background done in Photoshop (Thank you for the idea and help, Ana! :heart:). For the description I'll quote myself below:


One of the most memorable moments from the Silmarillion and one of my favourites, even if reading it always makes me sad..

While making these Tolkien illustrations I donít want to see any references but rather delve into my mind and try to find my own view.. still, itís plain to see Iím heavily influenced by everything Iíve seen before.. In particular, I remember having a Tolkien calendar illustrated by Ted Naismith (or something like that) a long time ago (mightíve been the calendar of the centenary year of í92, but canít remberber for certain. Thereís this image of Fingolfinís challenge and Morgoth is wearing a shirt thatís made of something that lookes like black dragonscales. I havenít seen the pic in years, and I didnít want to look it up now.. but thatís something that my mind goes back to every time I think of this scene.

So I think my Morgoth owes a lot to that painting. I wanted to draw his face, because I think just a helmet or something would be too anonymous and could not really contain the true evil he characterises. I picture him as a kind of a giant vampire lord with both elven and orcish features. His equipment I wanted to make fitting for his self-proclaimed status as the King of the World Ė finely decorated but looking kind of evil.. like I really wanted Grond to look like something thatís bound to hurt if you get in itís path! :mwahaha:

Fingolfin wears what I imagine elven armour looked like: light, intricate plate over a fine scale mail haubergon.

B/W version here: [link]

EDIT: Better scan, new paper background
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slonche Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
Good job mate! Two things I really like about your rendition:

I - You gave Morgoth somewhat brutish, savage features. His face and arms look rough, the open mouth makes him look all too human. His physicality is much closer to that of a laborer weary and diminished.

II - Morgoth's eyes and the light of the silmarils resemble each other. A single source of light, very thoughtful and artistic concept. 

That is how I see the drawing. Well done!

P.S. The Fall of Fingolfin is one of my favorite stories as well.
TheDalesShallRise Featured By Owner May 30, 2013  Student Writer
Wow. Nuff said.
Andre-Parker Featured By Owner May 26, 2012
Great work!
MarcioBarboza Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2012
awesome work!
LimeGreenBunny Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love that your Morgoth doesn't look like a giant version of Sauron from the movies. Great work!!!
Anarko95 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
excellent :)
wildfox76 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2010
Very well done!
jupiter01 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Very epic.
nigellus Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2010  Student
Did you do this for a Book or something?
GriswaldTerrastone Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2010
One of the best I've seen. Ringil is especially good!

If there had been another Fingolfin- say, his twin brother- that would have been the end of Morgoth!

But didn't Fingolfin give Morgoth EIGHT wounds, if you count that last one as he was dying?
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