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October 26, 2005
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The threat of Feanor by aautio The threat of Feanor by aautio
”Fingolfin bowed before Finwë, and without word or glance to Fëanor he went from the chamber. But Fëanor followed him, and at the door of the king’s house he stayed him; and the point of his bright sword he set against Fingolfin’s breast.”

- J. R. R. Tolkien: The Silmarillion, chapter 7: Of the Silmarils and the unrest of the Noldor

Ok.. Finally found enough time to finish this one, the second of those three Tolkien illustrations I started last week – still just a pencil piece but I’d really love to try and colour these drawings sometime in the future.. (when I’ll buy that tablet, that is)

So, here Fëanor threatens his half-brother’s life – a deed that will result in his banishment from Tirion. Intended mainly as a character study for Fëanor and Fingolfin. (I have this ambitious idea of painting a huge triptych called “Lords of the Noldor” some day. Featuring Finwë with his sons in the middle frame, the sons of Fëanor to the left and the children of Fingolfin and Finarfin to the right – I don’t know when I would have time to do it, but before I start it takes a lot of drawings like this to define my image of each of those individuals.. and that’s 19 people!)

Well, anyway.. back to THIS drawing. I’ve always imagined Fingolfin being the tallest of the three sons of Finwë and the one that looked the most like his father. I picture him with longer hair and noble features and I’m sure he was fond of wearing flashy clothes like that robe and kimono-style overcoat (yeah, yeah -- I know it looks like a dressing gown ;)).. loose and comfortable yet somehow ceremonial. This is how I imagine most of the elves living in the carefree bliss of Aman were dressed like. Valinor’s latest fashion trend in shoes would have to be very pointy or “au naturel”, i.e. going barefoot.. ;)

Fëanor, on the other hand, I’ve always pictured with short hair and sharp features, donning more practical clothes and always wearing a lot of jewelry he had made himself. Here I went for something like a swashbuckler look for him.. I know that according to the book Fëanor was wearing a helmet and probably armour as well during this scene, but as this drawing is intended as much as a character (and clothing) study as an illustration, I wanted to draw both elves wearing what I imagine was the most common for them.

While the drawing has some errors in it, I’m quite happy with it; especially since I think I managed to capture the most essential feelings in the scene: Fëanor’s anger and Fingolfin’s calm defiance and silence despite his injured pride and his half-brother’s harsh words.

HB pencil and 0.5 mech. pencil, about 4 ˝ hours in total.. most of which was spent drawing the decorations. This time I decided I won’t even try those Celtic knotwork designs, having had something like a nervous breakdown with them the last time.. ;) I guess those random floral scribbles work too.. they could even be considered a bit more “elven” even if they don’t look quite as good. :D

Sepia version here: [link]

EDIT: Better scan
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Mimisilvertongue Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Student General Artist
Love it all of it!! The details they are impressive!!!
VisAnastasis Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, really good work of sons of Finwe, I must say! Beautiful! :iconlove--plz:
breadfreak Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
UGH WOW I love you work! :O

Although I imagine Feanor to have long hair - but you capture Filngolfin perfectly! His calmness as his half-brother points a sword at him is brilliant.
PeacePerson17 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2010
I'm getting kinda concerned for my mental sanity... I never read the entire Silmarillon, only the Hobbit and LOTR Trilogy, and in the two books I've been writing/already written, I see similarities between the storylines. In my second book my two brothers are having a disagreement and something very similar to this image happens. The younger, Daril, points his sword at his older brother's chest and threatens to kill him. They're even wearing the right kind of clothes, traveling stuff for younger and elegant robes for elder. Freakyness! I only got about 75 pages into the Silmarillon before I got a book I'd been waiting for forever. :D This is exactly how I pictured my two brothers' fight as well!
son-of-thor Featured By Owner May 17, 2009   Artisan Crafter
SUBLIME. Simply perfect
storl Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2007
Wow! Jus wow!
Galadhen Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2006   Digital Artist
Marvelous! This scene was a cornerstone for a whole story of mine
Moonling Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2006  Student
Wow, someone finally drew that scene! One of the most impressive one in the Silmarillion, I think.

Great work! I like the way you deal with the clothing... the wrinkles and especially the details. They seem elvish, but not this overexagerrated "elfish" that often appears in fantasy pics, and far too often in those concerning Tolkien.
Sirielle Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2005   Digital Artist
So I red to the end.

The clothes are amazing, so detailed and moving with the character's bodies. Wonderful job!
I like also all the designs and fashions you invented here. I completely agree with your vision of Fingolfin, for Fëanor - I can't decide if my Fëanáro has got short or long hair... I guess he is changing it ;) I like the idea of practical clothes and jewelry on him. He is still elegant.
Fëanor's expression is really full of anger. I think it would work even if you clad him in a helmet,
Again this is great and amazing image :)
aautio Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2005
Thank you very much! :)
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